Alexander College Associate of Arts Degree Requirements

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He hopes to one day work in the sports industry by leveraging his Arts Associate degree, which he learned at AC, and believes that new students should always face challenges to grow. Alexander College is a member of the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) system and has transfer agreements with colleges and universities throughout British Columbia, including the province`s most prestigious universities. Alexander College continually negotiates new transfer agreements with leading universities in British Columbia and the rest of Canada, as well as other colleges and universities around the world. Applicants who have not completed secondary school or an equivalent school and who are at least 19 years of age on the first day of class may be admitted as adult students without proof of a high school diploma, provided that they have submitted all required documents, including transcripts for the highest level of education, and have met the requirements for English proficiency. Transcripts must include the last 2-3 years of study that the applicant has completed, or at least 5 graded courses. Applicants must also meet the admission requirements for Alexander`s institution listed below. To search for degree equivalency by province outside of British Columbia, visit: University Transfer: Applicants must successfully complete at least 9 transferable postsecondary credits with a cumulative GPA of 1.50 or higher. University transfer candidates with a cumulative GPA number of less than 1.50 may be admitted provisionally. Appreciation of intellectual thinking and human creativity To view the list of certified institutions, please visit here For more information on BC certified offshore schools, please visit here Caroline dreams of one day owning her own business here in Vancouver. Their goal is to combine their professional experience with the knowledge gained at AC. Alternatively, national and international students can demonstrate that they are completing high school through one of the following internationally recognized equivalents: Alexander College offers admission to educational programs for as many students as possible. However, where applicable, access to programmes and courses shall be limited to students who meet the eligibility criteria established at general and programme-specific levels.

Aptitude and interest in self-directed lifelong learning Understand the relationship between trade/industry and business. Alexander College programs are considered open enrollment and applications are generally accepted until the programs are full. Space permitting, new applications can be accepted up to one week after the start of classes. Some courses can be completed quickly, and we encourage new students to submit applications as soon as possible to have the widest selection of courses. Academic (minimum grade)Option A. Entry to Class 12 In our latest spotlight on alumni, we reconnect with Augustpreet, which has been featured in several of our original AC videos! Since graduation, August has become a vlogger on YouTube and has toured the Philippines and the United States! Note: University transfer applicants with a cumulative GPA number of less than 1.50 may be admitted provisionally. We hear Rina`s story about how Alexander College played a crucial role in helping her improve in her academic and student life! English 12 grades from an offshore school can be used to meet English proficiency, the transcript must be attached to the Canadian Certificate of Completion (certificates can be issued by any participating province). Without the Canadian Diploma Certificate, Chinese-Canadian transcripts are considered Chinese and, therefore, International English 12 cannot be used for placement in English.

Are you looking for ways to finance your studies? Visit Alexander`s page for financial assistance and rewards. Knowledge of organizational behaviour and human resources management. She hopes to own her own business one day and also enjoys playing the violin and skating when she takes a break from her studies. The BCCAT Transfer System`s online transfer guide allows students to review the transferability of the courses they wish to take and develop a curriculum that allows for a seamless transfer between Alexander College and the specific program they wish to complete. The BC Global Education Program allows schools in other countries (offshore schools) to offer the British Columbia curriculum to international students. In China, offshore schools are called “Sino-Canadian schools”. He is now passionate about becoming a motivational speaker and hopes that new CA students will take advantage of all the opportunities they have been given. One of the following conditions (minimum score) is required for direct entry (university transfer or associate degree): To be eligible as an offshore school, certain standards must be met. For example, they must employ certified teachers in British Columbia and maintain adequate facilities.