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Now there are strange British laws, and then there are downright crazy British laws that are amazing. The provisions of the Nuclear Explosions (Prohibition and Inspections) Act 1998 make it illegal to carry out a nuclear explosion. Here are some other strange laws you may not have known about: But as society grows, the laws that evolve can sometimes be questionable, to say the least. So it`s time to put on your wig and take the hammer, as we`ve rounded up some really strange UK laws and fun myths that every potential lawyer should know. Or not. In any event, our court is now in session. Be careful, some of these hilarious, compassionate and completely strange British laws still exist today. Ouch. This classic relic of the ancient “laws of decency” that we had in Britain serves to prevent the corruption of our innocent youth! (4) Members of parliament shall not be allowed to bear arms. Another law of Edward II, this rule, was introduced in times of political instability.

However, MPs can wear armor in their constituencies and at home. Have you always been proud to be a law-abiding British citizen? I hate to tell you this, but I`m afraid it`s still not the case if you`ve read this article. With the lockdown back and booming, we thought we`d lighten the mood with a quick look at the weird and wonderful laws we`re supposed to abide by. But a word of warning: there`s a good chance you`ve broken at least one of these strange British laws in your life. The application of this law falls under three separate and amusing laws that still exist: On average, 33 new laws are passed each year, each of which can lead to dozens of new laws. And they are all working to create a balance. It is, as Michel Foucault said: “Justice must always question itself.” Does this sound like crazy British law or not? But in fact, it`s 100% true and a serious contender for first place in the craziest UK laws. The decree was issued to reduce alcohol consumption and promote sobriety among the poor. Therefore, it might be difficult to choose the dumbest English laws from a concise list of so many ridiculous British rules. Here are some “questionable” modern and historical rules that stand out the most. Speaking of strange street laws in the UK. Keeping a pigsty in front of your house is against the law.

As you can see, no matter where you are in the world or in what area of law, it can be company law, labour law or family law here in the UK or around the world, some of the laws are just weird! Many strange British laws become law to ensure that people move freely along public roads. The laws of the 1300s are still in force in Britain and our legal system is the product of centuries of laws that have been made, amended and repealed. It`s hard to believe that there are still laws in the UK that date back to the Middle Ages, but it`s true! Skipping the line in a ticket office at a tube station is a violation of London Underground legislation imposed by Transport for London. I don`t believe it. In a supposedly developing country and a developing world and reading that someone who mourns his wife has been punished for a longer stay after his funeral, well, not only many laws are garbage, shame on the person who actually caused the fine to the man. There is so much stupidity, discrimination and conflict in British law. Under UK labour law, your employer can choose to be non-binding or not at all. This law dates back to the Mobile Phone Laws of 2003, which describe when it is illegal to touch a phone or handset while driving. So if you`re using your phone while the engine is running, you`re technically using your phone when you`re driving a car. As you can see, our legal system is littered with amazing laws and actions that seem incredible in today`s modern world. You will never look at a sturgeon or a salmon in the same way! In fact, Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas in the UK for a while.

The monarchy reinstated the laws and invalidated the scandalous plan to ban Christmas in Britain. These strange laws – the Sailors and Soldiers Forgeries Act of 1906 and the Police Act of 1996 – were introduced to prevent people from deliberately posing as police officers or members of the military, as this can be very confusing to the public and can also lead to dangerous situations. When it comes to the weird British laws, you`d probably think this was the weirdest. How exactly do you treat fish with suspicion? Well, it`s really very simple, and it started with salmon, which was a valuable product in 1986. It is one of the strangest British laws, but mostly because of its punishment. Sticking a stamp upside down on an envelope in absolute defiance is considered an attempt to dispose of the monarch in the Treason Felony Act of 1848. These not-so-strange laws in the UK are part of the Public Health (Disease Control) (Public Transport) Act 1984. It may be illegal to travel on public transit if you know you have a reportable disease. Other taxes introduced from the Tudor period and beyond included taxes on windows, bricks, wallpaper, salt and candles to light the house at night. And while taxes aren`t laws per se, try refusing to pay one and see what happens – you`ll probably need a lawyer. Here are some other laws that 2Chill has found that will make you question the logic behind it. Nowhere else is there more than in this collection of the strangest and dumbest British laws that still exist and have not yet been removed from the law.

Other UK noise laws include the sound of a horn on a road in a stationary vehicle. According to the UK Highway Code, you should therefore only do this if there is an imminent danger from another vehicle on or near the road. This entertaining information of legal information is not so strange and very true. If a sign asks you to join the queue (or an employee), skipping the queue is illegal – according to TfL`s statutes. In this blog post, we look at some of the weirdest and most archaic laws still in place in the UK legal system today. From a law banning the act of playing in a British public library to a law where killing a swan is an act of treason, these laws will make you scratch your head! HR is the backbone of any successful business. When working on their magic, the HR team maintains order, manages employment contracts and is responsible for compliance with all workplace laws. Law graduates have knowledge of how employers and employees should work together, know how to navigate basic policies and procedures, as well as key areas of labour and labour law. According to the CARs, it is not illegal to drive barefoot or make stupid decisions about shoes while driving.

However, the moment your flip-flops jeopardize road safety laws because they got stuck under the clutch, you`ll wish you had worn proper shoes. In fact, any activity that interferes with the control of the car or endangers the lives of others is a big no-no. The UK has some really weird laws: how many have you broken? – Source: Pixabay Whether by local hearsay or by stories of old women, some parts of British legislation are not what they seem to be. History books have produced so many strange and wonderful laws over the years that it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Let`s take a look at five strange British laws that, despite what you may have heard, don`t really exist. Would you like to teach law to earn a living? You can. Of course, this is when you know the peculiarities of the legal system and its many laws. Our A-level online law course can help you start your journey.

You can choose to expand this knowledge to university on a law degree or directly pursue your teaching ability, giving you the status you need to teach. English law prohibits MPs from wearing armour in the Houses of Parliament. The law in the history of the United Kingdom “Come to the Armed Parliament” has never been repealed. Strange English laws don`t get much stranger! Talking about funny British laws, singing indecent, rude or profane songs in a public place, or flying a kite down the street could get you in serious trouble and visit the local police. There are several strange British laws that lend credence to an 1897 quote from Mark Twain. He writes in his travel book: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” To celebrate our 175th anniversary, we present 175 strange laws of the past and present. Some laws are funny. Some are surreal.

Some don`t make sense, no matter how you look at them. But they all have one thing in common: they are all real. Catching sturgeon, importing potatoes and even drinking too much from the pub all have legal consequences, according to a new study that has eradicated Britain`s weirdest laws that still exist. So buckle up and get ready for a strange ride as you explore some of the strange British laws that are still in place today. Luckily, since most are incredibly outdated, you won`t find any that require tech lawyers or in-house lawyers. But read on to find out more about all the strange British laws that still exist. You may have already guessed it, but there are even more strange British laws about alcohol. Since 1872 it has been illegal to be drunk and responsible for a horse or cow (in Scotland). Bizarre laws exist in every country.