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The worst experience of my life trying to solve problems, I make 355 cell phone calls, many emails, but still no answer. 1. The account was settled by Bryte Insurance with proof of payment to Wesbank with the references requested by Wesbank – Wesbank cannot trace it. ? 2. The phone hits my ear after asking for help for +- 23 minutes. 3.The vehicle documents of a vehicle before +- 2 years are still not sent after many emails and inquiries. 4. It takes up to 10 minutes to answer a call, 5. I was given a name that I could contact, but never available (Miles). WesBank customers can log into their online account to track their purchases, payments, cancellations, and other details. For more information or questions about office location, payment, cancellation or other, please contact WesBank Customer Service. Called the call center last week, was moved and cut off all the time. Called again today, think the lady was Naomi.

I told her about my frustration, she said maybe I should talk to an older person. I said they cut me off every time I was transferred. I don`t have money to keep buying airtime. She let me hold while she checked the account, then sent me back to the beginning of the voicemail where you have to enter and save your details again, finally he went to a voicemail service. Since a party to the auto finance agreement has since died, the credit terms cannot be fully met. However, this does not mean that the bank will automatically take possession of the car – the debt simply passes to your deceased estate. I then asked Wesbank for the NCO`s document and was told that I had to make a payment of R57.00 first to send me the document – which I did immediately – the deadline for this document was 3-5 business days. A day or two later, I called Wesbank again to follow up on the document and was informed that they needed a letter from the Power of Attorney confirming that the ABSA gives me the authority to request documents from Wesbank on behalf of the late surviving spouse Douglas David Dorgan.

After receiving this letter, I emailed it to Wesbank, thinking everything was fine. Once again, I received another email from Wesbank requesting a letter from my father confirming that he gives me the authority to request documents on his behalf. Now that we have sold the vehicle, we have to change the ownership of Wesbank to my father, Douglas David Dorgan. When I contacted Wesbank for advice on how to change ownership in my father`s name, as he is the surviving spouse and sole beneficiary of the estate, they told me that we needed the following documents from the power of attorney showing that my father is indeed the surviving spouse and beneficiary of the estate: Copy the IDs of both parties, etc. I had to contact your billing department today because of the problems I have at the post office to change the owner of a paid vehicle. All relevant documents were sent on the 12th. February 2019. However, they knew I would have problems because the power of attorney is different from what the post office has in their system. So there was no proactive thinking. I was told to email the paperwork, pay R317 and Wesbank JHb will make this transaction on our behalf.

What rubbish and what poor service to say the least. Obviously, this problem has existed since the beginning of December. Please inform your billing agents of the proper procedure to avoid any inconvenience to customers. We all know that the wait time in post offices is more than four hours at a time. Companies can hardly afford to waste time sitting still. Hello West Bank. What a huge problem, when I try to contact customer service, I made 9 calls and two emails without joy, why don`t you answer like that. I need the registration papers for my JETTA, ca 491456, AAVZZ1JZ2U020486, which has been written off and is in the dump, why is it so difficult. Your phones never receive an answer. I then sent all these documents to Wesbank and to be 100% sure that I was requesting the correct documents from Wesbank, I went to the licensing department and was informed that there was a Wesbank NCO document (which has never been corrected from the beginning) that would be needed to change ownership. I need your legal representative to call me. I want to enter into one of my HP contracts.

I would like to enter into an agreement with an individual. I want to know if it would be legal or what steps I should follow. Person X is not looking for finances. Much blessing I have now asked twice for a balloon payment to be refunded and I have not even received any correspondence regarding the application. I called on Friday, October 5 and was informed that someone would contact me on Monday. I called back on October 9 and was told the person was having lunch. I held on for 20 minutes and waited for someone to help me. Once an asset is part of a deceased estate, the law states that only the executor can decide which assets are retained and which are sold.

This means they have to decide how to pay their bills or debts. “service” ABSOLUTELY lazy because you can`t call it service. I contacted Wesbank on Friday, April 1, 2016 at 4:22 pm for a consultant to contact me. I`m still waiting. I am a retiree and I do not have the financial means to “contact” their so-called service line because the waiting time is ridiculous. I will try again to make contact. I can only agree with Wesbank`s other poor “customers”. I really can`t believe you have to fight like this as I asked for contact details via email without replying to Wesbank.