What Age Can You Legally Get Your Belly Button Pierced

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– The written/notarized consent of a parent or guardian to the piercing MUST be attested by the piercer. (This means that your parent or guardian must be in the store when signing.) Check the different drilling regulations of the U.S. states if you want to check the specific policies of your state. I understand Pam`s frustration with her daughter`s impulsive decision to have her belly button pierced and her worries that Michaela didn`t take the time to think about money or her health. I also hear Michaela excited and eager to exercise her freedom as a new legal adult, where her choices are much more hers than ever before. Although most states allow belly button piercings with parental consent, it really depends on the maturity of the teenager. Because of their location, umbilical piercings take longer to heal and require good care to heal completely. If you`re not comfortable with your teen getting tattooed or pierced, you may be able to opt for another option, such as a henna tattoo or an extra ear piercing. But if you can`t find a compromise and aren`t willing to give in, make sure your teen is informed. With information about the options available and the pros and cons of each, your child can make an informed decision. Whether you agree with their choice or not, you can be sure you`ve done your job as a parent by providing advice to your teen. If you give your written consent, you may need to document exactly what you are agreeing to.

For example, you may need to say which tattoo you agree with your teen and where you allow them to get it. Piercings may require you to document the type and location of the piercing. A little blood will come out if the piercer creates a hole in the navel area. Later, a yellow or white color may escape from the new piercing. This will create a crust that feels tight or itchy, but it will resolve itself as the piercing heals. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and must identify themselves and prove their age and relationship to the guardian in order to be pierced or have jewelry inserted into a piercing. Acceptable identification and proof of age and relationship include: Yes, you guessed it. My “adult” daughter went to have her belly button pierced. Acting against our will, even at 18, came with a penalty.

Learn about the potential risks and talk to your teen about dangers such as infections as well as social consequences. A facial piercing may interfere with their ability to find employment, or a tattoo may limit employment opportunities. When my daughter was four years old, her ears were pierced. The earrings served as a reward when we trained her cleanliness after she was accident-free for several nights. To see a list of APP (Association of Professional Piercers) approved artists in your area, please visit: www.safepiercing.org/get-involved/locate-a-member/ It is not advisable to have your belly button pierced at 13, as these piercings usually take longer to heal and require a lot of care. Some teens think about getting their belly button pierced because their friends have one or imitating their favorite celebrity. You will need parental permission/supervision to receive a lip ring if you are a minor. To get a lip ring on your own, you must be 18 years old. Don`t be afraid to call your local store and ask them how to do it! Call a store and ask them.

Professional piercers and tattoo artists follow all government guidelines and give you well-informed and informed answers to your questions. We (BodyCandy.com) are not professional piercers. We`re here to guide you in the right direction to make informed decisions about your piercing journey. In this situation, a mother and daughter argue about the belly piercing. Always, always, ALWAYS have your tattoos and piercings done by a professional. If someone is willing to circumvent the law to perform a tattoo or piercing, they put themselves and YOU in danger. Laws change often, so it`s important to be aware of the latest regulations in your state. Here are the current state laws: Contact the facility ahead of time to discuss what your teen needs to get a tattoo or pierce if you`re not present.

Some states do not allow a teenager to get a tattoo or piercing their tongue regardless of parental consent, while other states do not have rules. This means that your teen may be able to enter a salon and get tattooed or pierced without your knowledge. Check if the store looks clean. Find out about the professional`s license, training and experience. Don`t be afraid to ask questions before making decisions. You can also ask to watch what happens in the store when someone else gets pierced or tattooed. You will need written consent and the presence of a parent to have your lip pierced in Ohio. Call your local store first to make sure they are comfortable breaking through a miner! It depends on the state/country you live in. Check out the information above and use your home laws to find out if you can break through at your current age. If you have an outie, it`s a bad idea to have your belly button pierced, as it usually pierces the inner part of your navel. So if you get an infection, there`s a risk that it could spread to the internal organs in your abdomen, leading to serious health problems.

If you can`t get a belly button piercing or aren`t quite ready for the real thing, you can pretend.