Who Is Heathcliff`s Daughter in Law

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Heathcliff and Cathy share a final meeting, about halfway through the story, which is reluctantly supported by Nelly because Edgar banished Heathcliff from the Barn. Cathy accuses Heathcliff of killing her, while Heathcliff laments that he cannot live when “his soul is in the grave”. However, when Edgar unexpectedly walks through the bedroom door, Cathy experiences shock and faints. She dies a few hours after the birth of a daughter, also named Catherine (but called throughout the novel only Cathy), whose generation forms the basis of the second half of the story. Chapter 2 serves primarily as an introduction to the characters – Zillah, formerly known only as the “lustful lady”, is now identified; Nelly Dean is mentioned, but not named; Hareton Earnshaw (whose name matches the inscription above the door) is mentioned, but its presence is not explained; and the “Missis” is presented as Heathcliff`s widowed daughter-in-law, although her first name is not mentioned either. Almost incidentally, Joseph mentions Mrs. Heathcliff`s mother and claims that she went straight to hell. The information is neither simple nor fully explained, which creates a bit of mystery. Obviously, these characters who don`t get along, let alone like each other, are somehow connected. Catherine and Edgar`s daughter. She is as strong-willed as her mother.

She initially pursues a relationship with Linton, but it is Hareton who is her true love. Their marriage ended a decades-long feud between the two families. Catherine and Heathcliff`s childhood ensures the development of their characters and gives an idea of their future. When she crosses paths, Catherine, the warm and loving girl, can be provocative, stubborn and cruel. Heathcliff can be dark, grumpy and vindictive. Their relationship begins to explore one of Wuthering Heights` main themes, which is that love can be capricious and its consequences devastating. Heathcliff begins to call Catherine, who cannot deny her passion for him. Edgar becomes angry and forces Catherine to choose between him and Heathcliff. Catherine cannot decide and dies giving birth to a daughter, Cathy. Edgar Linton – Cathy`s father. She was raised by him in the Barn and is a devoted daughter to him. She would be confronted and cursed by him if she were on the heights or interacting with someone who lives there, but she still cares about him.

She accepts his offer to finally marry her cousin if she wishes, and after being held hostage by Heathcliff, she worries about her dying father, but manages to escape and see him again. The year is 1801 and Thrushcross Grange has a new tenant, Mr. Lockwood. He visits his landlord, Mr. Heathcliff, who lives on the nearby Wuthering Heights property. Mr. Heathcliff is absent and his young parents, Mrs. Heathcliff and Hareton Earnshaw, are very rude. It starts snowing, but no one is willing to help Mr.

Lockwood get home or let him stay. He is attacked by a dog as he leaves, and in his bloody state, Mr. Heathcliff reluctantly allows him to stay. Sir. Lockwood spends his time reading the diaries of a young girl named Catherine. He begins to dream. In a dream, he argues with a preacher, and the parishioners attack him. A blow wakes him up and he breaks a window to calm her. He takes the hand of a ghost child who calls herself Catherine Linton. Frightened, his cry awakens Heathcliff, who demands that the ghost reappear. Heathcliff accompanies Mr.

Lockwood home through the snowy moors, but he still catches a cold. Mr. Lockwood, who has been suffering from the cold for several weeks, asks Nelly Dean, his servant, to tell him about the people of Wuthering Heights. She was once his housekeeper and she has many stories to tell. Mrs. Heathcliff, who was married to Heathcliff`s son, is the daughter of Mrs. Dean`s late master, Edgar Linton. Hareton Earnshaw, Mrs.

Linton`s nephew, is Mrs. Cousin of Heathcliff. Mr. Heathcliff was married to Mr. Linton`s sister, who gave birth to Catherine`s husband Linton. Heathcliff was an orphan that Mr. Earnshaw found it on the streets of Liverpool. Hindley, the eldest, was very jealous of him. When Mr. Earnshaw died two years later, Hindley left Heathcliff to work in the fields.

Catherine and Heathcliff remained close friends. One day, while spying on Thrushcross Grange, they saw two children, Isabella and Edgar, almost tearing a puppy apart in a selfish rage. One of Linton`s dogs attacked Catherine as they tried to escape. She stayed for several weeks to heal, and when she returned from the Lintons, she was well-behaved and well dressed, which annoyed Heathcliff. In 1778 Hindley`s wife gave birth to Hareton and died shortly thereafter. Hindley, mad with grief, could not take care of him. Despite their differences, Edgar and Catherine grew closer. Catherine agreed to marry Edgar and told Nelly that Heathcliff was too inferior to marry. Heathcliff heard this and disappeared without a word.

Catherine fell ill, but as her health improved, she and Edgar married and moved to the Barn. The marriage was good until Heathcliff returned. Edgar`s sister, Isabella, fell in love with Heathcliff, but he despised her. Heathcliff kissed Isabella to hurt Catherine, and they argued. During the fight, Edgar came in and told Heathcliff to leave his house. Disgusted by the two, Catherine locked herself in her room for three days and became ill and angry. Isabella ran away and married Heathcliff, but she hated her new life in Wuthering Heights. One night, Catherine gave birth to Linton and died. Shortly after Catherine`s death, Isabelle fled to the Grange. She moved to London, had a child named Linton, who died twelve years later.