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One of the most valuable and popular services offered by WRA REALTORS® in Wisconsin is the legal hotline. Members can access the ARA`s legal helpline by calling 800-799-4468 or faxing 608-242-2279 or emailing Hotline@wra.org. Lawyers are personally available to answer your legal questions. WRA Legal Hotline (members only): Phone: 608-242-2296 or 800-799-4468 Question (registration required): www.wra.org/hotlinequestion Hotline opening hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday The legal hotline is a perk reserved for Washington REALTORS® members. Go through thousands of questions and answers or ask a question to the hotline lawyer just below. Please note that your designated broker or manager is in CC for all questions directed to the hotline lawyer. The information contained herein does not constitute legal assistance. Always check with your managing or designated broker to comply with your broker`s practices. The WRA has a legal helpline that is available to all members.

As a rule, the hotline answers all questions about real estate practice. You can call the WRA Legal Helpline directly at toll-free 800-799-4468 or submit a question using the online form on the WRA website at www.wra.org/Legal/Hottips/hotline_question.asp. As a REPATOR, ® your day-to-day business operations are legal in nature. And WRA is here to help. Get detailed analysis of real estate forms, industry regulations, and legal developments. Learn more Read hotline discussions by topic in an easily accessible online library. Learn more Talk one-on-one with a real estate lawyer. Call the hotline or ask a question online. Read more The Legal Update Live video series features exclusive content from WRA on legal developments, form updates and more.

Learn more Access to the WRA website Registration is required to access certain areas of the WRA www.wra.org website, including the legal area. You will need your WRA (Wisconsin REALTOR) membership number, which you can find on the shipping label of your WRA (Wisconsin REALTOR) newsletter, to register. You will be prompted to register or log in to each section where required. Ø Wisconsin Real Estate – WRA`s monthly magazine. Professional Insurance Programs Provides high-quality, comprehensive and affordable insurance programs to GMAR members. For more information, please contact Mara Roberts at (414) 277-0154. Directions to WRA Headquarters: Take exit I 90-94 to 151 South (exit 135A) and stay in the right lane. Turn right at the Comfort Inn and turn right again towards Perkins Restaurant. Turn left onto Forest Run Road. Park at the back of the building and enter through the double doors. Classes are held downstairs at the Gale P. Foster Education Center.

Ø Membership Emails – You will receive regular emails from GMAR with reminders on important topics such as contributions, political issues, events The GMAR website offers a variety of tools for GMAR members. Industry updates, news feeds, business benefits, government affairs, arbitration and mediation dispute resolution, safety tips, events and promotions. The following organizations offer special discounts to GMAR members. Visit the GMAR website in www.gmar.com for more information. 201 Madison, WI 53704-7337 Telephone: 608-241-2047 or 800-279-1972 Email: wra@wra.org Office hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday Ø GMAR ENewsletter – GMAR`s weekly e-newsletter with the latest real estate news and information on upcoming events, promotions, etc. You will receive news via magazines, newsletters, member mailings, email updates, and websites. Ø www.gmar.com – GMAR`s website contains news about associations and industries Revisions to the Licensing Act See your legal updates and the legal section of the WRA website for information on licensing law revisions. www.wra.org/Legal/ persons designated by CRS enjoy the added benefit of recognition that comes from receiving the highest professional distinction in the residential real estate sector.

the recommendations of your name in the national CRS list, which is distributed to more than 18,000 major producers in the country. Visit the WRA website for courses – www.wra.org/crscourses GMAR has a full-time NAR certified professional standards expert who answers members` questions about the REALTOR`s ® Code of Ethics. We handle all ethics and on-site arbitration/mediation issues in a timely manner. (For more information, see the Professional Standards tab.) Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) – The ABR designation is earned through the Real Estate Buyer`s Agent Council (REBAC) and identifies real estate agents who have demonstrated a serious commitment to the buyer`s agent practice. Agents with the ABR designation have received professional training beyond minimum licensing requirements and are committed to providing world-class service. Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI) – The GRI designation recognizes real estate brokers® who have completed a comprehensive training program that provides hands-on real estate training. GMAR members may use the GMAR and REALTOR® logo on all printed materials. This is a Good Housekeeping seal of approval that allows you to maintain the highest standards of real estate. You can download both images www.wra.org. (For more information, see the Marketing Materials tab.) GMAR, WRA and NAR are working hard to educate the public about what a real estate® agent is all about.

The NAR has a national public awareness advertising campaign to promote real estate brokers and sales representatives and what they do ®. GMAR also has a public awareness campaign with radio commercials and showcases real estate agents through the Real Estate Brokers` Home and Garden Show and Downtown Open®®House. Access to the National Association of REALTORS website The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) also has a very comprehensive website for REFTOR members in www.realtor.org (formerly known as onerealtorplace.com). Many www.realtor.org sections are also password protected and require registration. You will need your NRDS number. You can find your SNDR number in your NAR magazine (the real estate agent) or call the RANW office. The GMAR, WRA, and NAR websites have “Find a Realtor” ® features on their websites that help potential customers find you. The GMAR and WRA websites list all the real estate® agents in Wisconsin. NAR`s website, Realtor.com, is a paid marketing tool from Homestore.com. It lists real estate brokers® from across the country who have purchased Homestore.com websites. Legal Updates WRA also provides monthly legal updates for designated real estate brokers (and by subscription for other members) in their designated REALTOR® (RD) packages®. A searchable library of legal updates is available to all online real estate® brokers and agents www.wra.org/Legal/Hottips/default.asp.

Ask a question directly to the lawyer at the Legal Helpline. Please allow 48 hours to respond. The Wisconsin REALTORS® Association is committed to keeping you informed of updates and resources on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on your business and industry. For more information on the coronavirus and its impact on Wisconsin`s real estate industry, visit our COVID-19 Resources Information page. While WRA currently conducts much of its operations remotely, you can always count on us for the services and support you need. GMAR offers training and continuing education opportunities to help you get licensed and stay ahead of the curve in the industry. (For more information, see Education.) Members will also receive legal advice, which consists of questions and answers from the Legal Helpline and is emailed weekly to all members who have submitted their email address to the WRA. Legal advice Legal advice is a short summary of questions and answers from the Legal Helpline. Hot tips are emailed to designated real estate brokers® and subscribers weekly. They are also available to all REFTOR members® on the WRA website in www.wra.org/Legal/Hottips/default.asp. Hot tips can be searched by topic.

Your real estate licence requires you to continue to receive training to renew it. All REFTOR members® must complete 18 hours of continuing education before December 14, 2022 to renew their real estate licence. ® Members of the REALTORS Association of Northeast Wisconsin are also members of the Wisconsin REALTORS Association (WRA) and the National Association of REALTORS®®® (NAR). WRA provides legal services to real estate brokers and agents by phone, fax and email and has a comprehensive legal service on its website in www.wra.org. NAR also has information on federal laws and www.realtor.org legislation. Twice a year, in the spring and fall, GMAR offers its members the opportunity to have their papers shredded free of charge. Shredding vehicles destroy materials on site during the time allotted in the RAMG parking lot. This well-known aspect of the organization monitors local governments for proposals that impact real estate. The lobbyist for GMAR employees advocates for positive initiatives such as land use plans and against anti-business proposals such as the list of telescript numbers, the commission tax and regulations on prohibition signs. We are working with WRA and NAR to do the same at the state and national levels. FastPark & Relax is located at 5201 S. Howell Ave.

Offers 24/7 shuttle service to/from Milwaukee Airport. The Relax for Rewards park program is available to GMAR members. Free member registration, guaranteed parking, free bottled water and free newspaper. Display your map when you enter, then exit through the express exit lanes. Prices are based on 24 hours. Earn 1 point per day and get a day off after collecting 8 points and a free week after 40 points. 24/7 access to your online rewards account, including the ability to print expense reports, view parking history, and request free parking passes. You will need to register and enter GMAR for your company name and promo code 1228207.